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Businesses have become heavily reliant on IT equipment, and ensuring you have the right systems and services in place is crucial. It is vital that you get recommendations based on extensive knowledge, and the specific needs of your business.

We have established partnerships with a range of leading hardware and software manufacturers, but we always ensure our advice is independent and based on your requirements rather than on our vendors.

Ongoing advice and technology consulting

We provide regular technical summaries of your IT infrastructure, and will give our recommendations as to what equipment you need to install. We also provide you with a 3 year IT roadmap and budget plan, so you can see what equipment you may need in the future. No surprises.

We’ll also:

  • Order everything for you, and endeavour to get you the best deal.
  • Deal directly with suppliers, so you don’t have to.
  • Sort out delivery and installation of your new equipment.
  • Deal with any third parties, like courier companies and manufacturers if anything goes wrong.

Netstar’s advice, procurement and installation gets Gryphon off the ground

Gryphon Property Partners opened for business in 2012, and needed a complete IT infrastructure to support their new business. Gryphon enlisted the help of Netstar, who provided:

  • Consulting and planning to ascertain the requirements for the new business.
  • Procurement of all the equipment needed for Gryphon’s IT infrastructure.
  • Installation, configuration and support of all IT equipment.

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The benefits of buying through Netstar

  • Expert advice and recommendations – Our team have significant, up-to-date knowledge on most hardware and software. Anything we don’t know we will be happy to research so we can provide you with the very best advice on the equipment you need.
  • Wide range of vendors and suppliers with established partnerships – We source equipment from a range of leading suppliers and our established partnerships mean our prices are very competitive.
  • Warranties and IT support – Should something go wrong, if you buy though us we will liaise with the manufacturer in all instances, and our team are on hand to provide you with any support and advice you require.
  • Netstar are experts in providing London based businesses with the right technology.