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How does managed print work?

Many businesses are completely unaware of what they are printing and the costs they incur through printing – many of which are unnecessary. Significant savings can be made through monitoring and optimising print processes, which is what our managed print service will do. Managed print will monitor and track your print and copying devices over a set period of time and identify changes that can be implemented in order to deliver cost savings and increase your operational efficiency.

What are the benefits of a managed print service?

Through using a managed print service your business can:

  • Reduce print costs both upfront and in the long term
  • Streamline your printing processes
  • Predict your print costs on a monthly basis
  • Improve your printing services and decrease your printer downtime
  • Reduce your business’ energy consumption, printing and environmental impact

In a changing world, businesses are having to be more aware of their carbon footprints. Globally, IT equipment and the air conditioning equipment required to cool it, contributes to a large proportion of total CO2 emissions. Click here to read more about how you can reduce your business’ environmental impact through Green IT.