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If your business plan includes growth, then it is inevitable that at some point you will need to relocate to bigger offices.

This might not seem that daunting at first, but once you begin to implement an office IT relocation, it can quickly become apparent that it is actually a mammoth task. Most of the stress and frustration surrounding an office move will be related to the IT infrastructure. This is where Netstar’s Office IT relocation service comes in.

Your in house IT department may not have the time, expertise, or experience to effectively carry out a complex office relocation.

  • Have you considered how much time it will take to disconnect and package all of the  PCs, servers, printers, phone systems, cables, and other peripherals such as monitors?
  • Have you considered how much time and expertise is required to set all of this equipment up correctly in the new office, including the setting up of networks, shared drives, network printers, servers etc.?
  • Can you deal with the frustration of not having your IT infrastructure set up correctly in your new office?
  • Can you afford to have employees sitting around waiting for the IT system to be configured properly?
  • Can you be sure that downtime will be kept to an absolute minimum?
  • Will you have a continuity plan in place in case of disaster or delay?

Don’t try to take all of this on yourself. To avoid frustration, you should engage with an expert IT company to manage your office IT relocation.

Netstar can help

  • Disconnect, package and move all PCs, servers, cables, and all other IT equipment.
  • Put a continuity plan in place so that your business continues running in the case of disaster or delay.
  • Advise you on the best layout, and provide upgrade recommendations.
  • Set up your entire IT infrastructure in your new offices, according to your desired layout, including setting up new firewall connections, VPNs, network printers etc.
  • Re-establish your backup and disaster recovery solution.
  • Carry out a comprehensive testing process to ensure that everything is working correctly in the new offices.

Why take risks with your office IT relocation? Leave it to the experts. Call Netstar today.

Netstar helps Argonaut through smooth transition to new offices

Argonaut Capital Partners’ big office move project went without a hitch, and a painless transition to a new, independent IT infrastructure was achieved.

“Not only did Netstar take care of the technical side of the move, they also organized vehicle and teacrate hire!”
Matthew Bond, Chief Operations Officer, Argonaut.

Read the case study here

Netstar helped Argonaut to:

  • Move and set up of all PCs, disaster recovery, virtual private network, firewalls etc.
  • Install and configure Hyper-V virtual server in new office.
  • Install remote desktop services, so staff could work wherever they are.
  • Carry out comprehensive testing in new environment, to ensure full functionality.