mobile working

You don’t need to leave your customers behind when you leave the office. There are a number of useful tools and systems out there to allow you to keep working whether you’re on the move, or working outside of the office. For many businesses the ability to work wherever and whenever has become vital in keeping ahead of the competition.

Remote IT tools and services

There are a huge range of remote IT solutions available, and our advice on which would be best for your business would vary depending on your requirements and business size. We’d be very happy to talk you through the options available and advise on the best ones for you.

  • Cloud phone systems – Allows you to bypass your traditional phone line, phone provider and their call charges by using a telephony service which transmits your phone calls over the internet rather than a BT line. Find out more about Netstar’s cloud phone systems.
  • VPN – Virtual Private Networks or VPNs allow users to connect to their business network from anywhere with access to the internet as if they were in the office. All data is sent over an encrypted connection which ensures your network is kept secure.
  • Smartphones and tablets – Your phones and tablets can all be set to receive your emails, sync your calendar, and keep track of your contacts. We can help you find the best devices to meet your needs as well as advise on useful apps and services that will help you keep working on the move.
  • Cloud computing – A model of computing which means all of your software and resources, so email, Microsoft Office, access to your business files, are web based. You can then access everything you need wherever and whenever you want, even using mobile devices like tablets. Find out more about the Netstar cloud
  • Online productivity tools – With a plethora of services like iCloud, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox – it is easier than ever to host your files in a “cloud” and access them from any location on any device, with all the latest updates synced.

Netstar support Argonaut remote/mobile working solution and more

Argonaut Capital Partners chose Netstar as their IT support partner. Netstar have managed several projects for Argonaut including:

  • Installation of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services – allowing Argonaut staff to work remotely, increasing productivity.
  • Migration of emails to a hosted Microsoft Exchange server – allowing syncing of mailboxes, contacts, calendars and tasks across devices.
  • Set up and configuration of iPhone and Blackberry smartphones, with mobile working facilities.

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