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What is virtualisation?

You may currently have separate physical servers for individual functions: email server, file server, web etc. Server virtualisation consolidates these separate servers into one piece of physical equipment.

So instead of multiple servers each performing different roles, your one server will have several virtual servers installed onto it to carry out these various different roles.


Why virtualise?

The number of servers companies have will invariably grow over the years. As these servers get older, they get full up, require more maintenance and are at a greater risk of failure. Old network servers can also cause slow remote network access. Maintaining multiple pieces of hardware that are critical to your business is both risky and expensive.

Moving to a virtualised Windows Server environment can save space, energy and requires less upkeep.

The benefits of server virtualisation

  • Flexible server environment, reconfigure/remove/add virtual servers to meet your changing requirements without the need to replace or purchase additional equipment each time.
  • Less energy is consumed, reducing your expenses and carbon footprint. Less heat is produced also, as there is only one piece of equipment, reducing energy and cost requirements for cooling.
  • Each virtualised server acts independently, but as they share one piece of hardware there are less updates, licenses, warranties and security to take care of.
  • Future expansion is easy and less costly.
  • Most virtualised server platforms have advanced capabilities beyond that of physical servers which contribute to greater uptime and business continuity.
  • Cloud computing is growing. By virtualising your servers and clearing away all of that extra hardware, you are facilitating a future move to the cloud where all of your files and applications will be remotely available on-demand.

Netstar are expert at providing London based businesses with Windows Server virtualised environments.

Teenage Cancer Trust moves to virtualised server environment

As well as implementing a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution, Netstar recommended that Teenage Cancer Trust move to a virtualised Windows Server environment. This provided:

  • A flexible server environment that will be easy to expand in future.
  • Easier remote network access for mobile users.
  • Fewer physical machines resulting in reduced energy consumption and increased space.
  • Less management, configuration and upkeep of hardware.

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