If you’re running a business you need to keep your staff, clients and customers connected at all times, a secure and fast email system is essential. But with the growing influence of mobile working,being ‘out of the office’ is no longer a valid reason for a breakdown in communication. These days your customers expect a swift response and optimising your staff to deliver this from anywhere in the world can mean the difference between making and losing a sale.

It’s pretty common for people hook up their personal emails to their mobile devices, but what people sometimes don’t realise is it’s just as easy to connect to your company’s Exchange server. This ensures everyone in your business can access the information they need, securely, wherever they are.

What is Microsoft Exchange Server?

Exchange server is a product from Microsoft that can provide your company with enterprise-grade security. It offers your business a reliable business-class email system, and can sync your calendar and contacts. The great thing about Microsoft Exchange is that it’s fully adaptable to your needs, allowing you to choose the features which will save your company the most time and money. If you have any questions about setting up or getting the most from the Exchange server in your business, our team of IT experts  are happy to help.

How to connect to your Exchange server on your iPhone

Exchange can be configured on hundreds of mobile phones and tablets including iOS and android platforms. It’s pretty simple to set up; here’s how to do it on an iPhone:

  • Tap Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then Add Account.

You’ll now be shown a list of email providers.

  • Tap Microsoft Exchange.

You can leave the domain box clear.

  • Enter your Email, Username and Password in the relevant boxes. You can enter a description to help you identify the account (this might be useful if you have several email accounts set up on the same phone).
  • Tap Next (in the top right hand corner). Your iPhone will now try to set up the account. If successful, just choose what you want to sync with the phone (calendar, email , contacts).  And then hit Save.

Your phone might struggle to find your settings straights away in which case you will need to determine your Exchange ActiveSync server name by signing into your account via their Outlook Web App. Once in:

  • Go to Options, then See All Options, then Account, then My Account, then Settings for POP, IMAP, and SMTP access, and look under POP setting for the Server name.

Once you’ve got the server name go back to your iPhone:

  • Enter this into the Server box and touch Next
  • Select what you want to sync between your account and iPhone, and touch Save.

As you can see, it only takes a few minutes to setup your business email on your iPhone. Our London based team provide quality IT support solutions and can help you get your company’s mobile communications up and running.  Get in touch today and ensure your providing an efficient service.