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Security Awareness Training has been shown to reduce incidents of successful cyber attack by over 80%.

How Does it Work?

Your employees will receive simulated phishing emails at random times. These are designed to look similar to real phishing emails, and convince the recipient to click on a link or attachment. Doing so when faced with a real phishing email could result in loss of data, installation of malware that can monitor communications or cause disruption, or encryption of data.

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Simulated Phishing Emails and Security Awareness

Your employees will receive simulated phishing emails that are safe to click on - although this will volunteer those who do for more training!

This is a great way to get your employees looking out for, and getting used to identifying, phishing emails.

When they encounter a real one, they'll be more likely to spot it, less likely to click on any links or attachments, and your business will avoid potentially losing sensitive customer data.

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