Windows 8 marks a big change in the way Microsoft are approaching software design with its touchscreen compatible format and sleek functionality. Microsoft have included a number of features to make your business life simpler including faster startup times and the ability for enterprise users to create Windows To Go – a USB version of the windows desktop run from a memory stick.

This means there’s renewed scope for fulfilling all of your IT requirements without juggling two or three software platforms. We’ve been looking at the main advantages of Windows 8 to reveal how it could work for you and your business.

Integration between Devices

Windows 8 places more focus on ease of integration between different devices, meaning you can access a variety of applications and services through your Microsoft account – formally a Windows Live ID – from a number of platforms. We think this is really useful for those of you on the move, especially if you are splitting work between a tablet, PC and smartphone.

The other great thing about the new Windows 8 is that it has been formatted to work with touch screen tablets and other touch screen devices so you can switch smoothly between apps, move things around the screen with ease and switch flawlessly from one app to another. This format also makes Windows 8 ideal for working on the move or for long distance business.

Tidier Display

Your files are also more efficiently streamlined with Windows 8, meaning that you get a neater, easier to navigate desktop menu and display. This is great for businesses as it eradicates file ‘staircases’ and makes file location much simpler. We think the new ability to synchronise your pictures, files and settings through the Cloud – allowing for backup copies – will be a great help when it comes to your everyday business transactions and communication.

Better Security

Security is always a huge concern and again, the team at Windows seem to have delivered. With Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and Windows Update all present and updated, users won’t have to worry about file security.

Easy Update

For those who are concerned about having to reinstall programs or update current applications to work in conjunction with Windows 8, you needn’t be. We’ve been doing some research and discovered that all existing Windows 7 files, applications and settings will easily transfer over and work just as well on Windows 8. This means you’ll be able to update your PC completely hassle free, without a costly or time consuming installation.

With the introduction of faster data transfers and improved power management, as well as newly facilitated sharing and communication between devices, there are a number of additional benefits for businesses. It is a step forward for those whose business computers rely on Windows software, although it is worth acknowledging that older PCs might not always be completely compatible with the new format, so do check on theMicrosoft website before you invest or contact us to seek advice.

Despite this, overall the new Windows 8 seems like a great new format, and is sure to be extremely popular. To check out what’s happening with the new Windows Office – operating in conjunction with Windows 8 – take a look at our News page.

If you need advice on installing a new operating system on your network or simply need some IT support, get in touch.