Keeping business productivity high and downtime low!

Computers running slow? System errors? Unable to print? IT issues stopping you and your staff from working?

If this sounds all too familiar then you probably have a reactive IT support provider. With a reactive IT provider, your systems will keep throwing up speed bumps and obstacles that hamper your productivity – or in the case of downtime bring it to a complete standstill.

If you find yourself in this situation then you will benefit from switching to a proactive IT Support partner who will prevent these issues from arising in the first place.

Watch the video below to see one of our engineers discussing how we look after new clients, including supporting their infrastructure proactively:

Businesses who partner with proactive IT support companies are able to thrive and achieve their goals because their systems are in top working order. In order to get the highest efficiency out of your network, it should be monitored and maintained as much as possible.

Having your IT systems proactively monitored and maintained by experts means that potential issues are identified and fixed before they develop and cause your business problems. This avoids costly downtime, which can result in loss of reputation and revenue.

Prevention is better than cure

Managing the health of your IT systems in a purely reactive way, is the same as managing your own physical health reactively. Going for a check-up is proactive management of your health. You will discover signs of any potentially serious health problems – such as high blood pressure or cholesterol – and actions can be taken to reduce the risk of these complications developing into a critical illness.

proactive it supportLike health issues, many IT problems can be identified by early warning signs that would be picked up through proactive monitoring. An unmonitored server’s event logs would show any potential issues. Unmonitored backup systems may also show a high number of failed backups. It is imperative that someone notices these through proactive monitoring otherwise your most recent backup could be well out of date when you actually need to use it! Other potential issues are antivirus systems that haven’t been updated for months – or a hard drive that has completely failed with no-one any the wiser.

As a proactive IT support company, Netstar will:

  • Carry out proactive monitoring and vital maintenance routinely in the background, including: Monitoring all server event logs, ensuring correct antivirus updates and activity, monitoring backup status, firewall activity and hack/spam relay attempts, system bottlenecks and processes, processor and RAM utilistation, application services (Exchange, ISA, IIS etc.)
  • By making sure everything is up to date, you won’t be affected by downtime, pop-ups and reminders.
  • Keep you informed about proactive actions by providing visual and interactive reports, enabling you to drill down into the detail to see the value of a fully managed IT support solution.

Why Proactive IT Support has more benefits for businesses

Your proactive IT support partner will know about problems with your workstations or on your network before you do, meaning that problems can be fixed and maintenance can be carried out before any serious problems develop.

As a result productivity will be enhanced as your systems will be more reliable, and you’ll spend less time sitting around waiting for them to be repaired.
Proactive monitoring allows your company to sidestep potential crisis situations that would severely impact productivity and potentially the financial performance of the company.

Tailored IT Support and Technology Consulting

Business planning is also a key factor in being proactive. It is necessary to understand your business to provide the best support. As a proactive IT Support provider, Netstar will sit down with you to devise a strategic IT plan that has your business goals at heart. We’ll also provide a technology summary of your current infrastructure, along with recommendations for improvements and use this intelligence to draw up a three to five year IT road-map including budgetary projections.

Proactive IT Support isn’t just about ensuring updates are installed and fixes are applied. A truly proactive IT Support partner will anticipate the needs of your business and make recommendations to ensure your processes are streamlined and your technology solutions are tailored to your specific requirements.

Choosing an IT Support Provider?

Perhaps you’re trying to choose a new IT Support Partner for your business. How do you go about selecting one that’s going to be proactive? What do you need to ask? What else do you need to ensure that they’re going to do?

If you’re a managing director, CEO or finance director, you’re using to making decisions that impact your business.

However, choosing an IT Support partner is different to the usual decisions you have to make. It can feel like a huge leap of faith – the amount of responsibility that you have to place in another company’s hands is tremendous. So, how do you mitigate this risk? How do you know if they’re actually going to be any good? How can you tell if they understand business and can add value by devising a planned out IT strategy?

We’ve made it easy for you to choose by putting together a checklist.

Just click here to download your Essential Guide to choosing the right IT support partner, and use it to compare all of the IT Support Companies that you’re currently considering. It’s in a convenient PDF format that you can print out and take around with you.