If you have a transactional website, Google Analytics and Google Adwords conversion figures are pretty trustworthy.

If people reach the order completion page, they have parted with some money, and a goal or conversion is recorded.

The problem with using these metrics from Google Analytics or Adwords comes when websites are not transactional.

Many B2B businesses or agencies/small businesses such as marketing freelancers set up their goals or conversions to be recorded when a user reaches the thank you page, after submitting an enquiry through the contact form, callback form, get a quote form etc.

Unfortunately, a large proportion of these “goal completions” are people enquiring about jobs, existing customers trying to get in touch, people trying to sell things to you, etc.

So these figures in Analytics and Adwords are practically useless.

How do you get around this problem?

All good marketers should track conversions. You have to know how well your website is converting, and how well the different sources of traffic (paid, organic, social, email etc.) convert for you so you A) know where to focus your efforts and B) can work out your ROI for each different channel.

What this inevitably leads to is recording every lead in a spreadsheet, and then importing your analytics data so you can see website visits, traffic from paid, organic, social etc. alongside genuine conversion numbers – and then work out conversion rates from there.

But this still leaves the ‘mystery’ of phone call leads

Of course, you also record the leads that come in via phone – but unless you ask people how they found you (an awkward one to bring up in the first stages of a sales dialogue), you have the problem of not having accurate lead and conversion data.

You could be in a situation where your Adwords spend appears not to be driving any enquiries – but you have the phone call leads that could be as a result of Adwords clicks.

There’s a Solution to this Conundrum!

Enter Infinity Tracking – a cost effective solution to working out where to attribute leads/enquiries that come in by phone.

Infinity use an ingenius solution that allows you to see the source of any phone calls that come via your website (or from other marketing material like brochures, business cards etc.)

Once Infinity tracking is in place, you’ll be able to see if your phone leads found you via social media, organic search (including which search engine), paid search (including which campaigns, ads, keywords) or from an offline source – e.g. a marketing brochure.

We’re Partnering Up with Infinity for a Webinar

Ben Goward from Infinity will be joining us on a live webinar on Thursday, the 2nd of June to discuss ways that you can drill down into your marketing data to gain a much better understanding of what is happening on your website.