Looking for a new app to benefit your business? Maybe you’re just on the hunt for the latest big thing? We’ve done the legwork for you and made a list of five nifty apps that could make your work life easier:


It’s completely understandable that many companies, especially small business owners, don’t have money to spare for costly PR services. MailChimp provides a way around this with software that enables you design and launch email newsletter campaigns. It includes the ability to integrate social networks and blogs. And the best part? No coding is required. Plus, any information you get back can shape your business plans – the app lets you see how your audience have responded so you can react accordingly.


For busy-business-types on the move, Evernote is ideal. Enabling you to type notes, store documents, record audio and take photos on the go, this app is a great update on the traditional notepad and pen. Perfect for making notes whilst travelling, the app also allows you to access them from anywhere. It also works really well as an organiser and is available as a smartphone app for added commutability. Making it easy to organise complicated projects and plan business trips, Evernote is a really a useful little app.


If you’re looking for an app to help support your analytics then look no further than Piwik, a smart new app that works in the same way as Google Analytics. Use it to gain insight into the numbers of visitors to a site, the uses of search engines and particular keywords, the most popular pages, and progress towards traffic objectives.


This app – a web based invoicing system – is easy to use and hugely beneficial. With a wide variety of features, SimpleInvoices allows you to create, edit, manage and track invoices with ease, as well as making it simple to email your invoices in the form of PDFs to clients. Offering the ability to export your invoices to Word, Excel, and PDF, you can also choose from the multitude of invoice types available. There’s even PayPal gateway support, so you can use the app for the entire invoice payment process.


This ingenious app is the answer to effective, efficient management of social media accounts. Instead of flitting between LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other sites, Hootsuite provides you with one space in which to monitor and update them all.  This is especially useful for businesses that are juggling several social networking personas or accounts, as multiple accounts from the same social media platform can be added. From it, you can then Tweet and make status updates, add photos and pictures, and check your analytics.

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