The Ubuntu operating system: free, virus-resistant and now able to run on smartphones.

Enabling its users to run desktop apps on their handsets, Ubuntu OS is adding a new dimension to mobile technology. The system, which will soon be able to power smartphones, essentially gives your handset the power and capabilities of a basic laptop – you will even be able to dock your phone and combine it with a monitor to act as a PC.

Ahead of the game in terms of this advance, the Ubuntu operating system marries software and hardware through the use of a specialist coding style known as Linux kernel. This is the same as the basis for Android, so from 2013 you’ll be able to run Ubuntu on your Android phone.

For small and medium businesses, this could be a great addition to their IT capabilities.

Seamless Integration

Users can enjoy all the usual benefits of Android while they’re on the go, and then tap into Ubuntu’s PC processing ability when necessary by simply docking the phone: in other words, a mouse, keyboard, and monitor are all that’s needed for the full PC experience.

Users will be able to switch from smartphone to next-generation desktop with ease, and the latest version means you can use the features of your phone while it’s docked. For example, you can make and receive calls by accessing the address book stored. Gone are the days spent rifling through directories for contact details. And with a range of desktop applications from web browsing to office, Ubuntu for Android offers a practical solution if you only want to carry one device with you.

That means you may only have to buy an Android handset and peripherals, not a full desktop computer, and fewer devices means there’s less that can go wrong. Potentially, you could be making fewer calls to IT support.

Computer Talk

Ever wanted to yell at your computer? With the seamless integration of Android and Ubuntu, you’ll soon be able to give it commands thanks to ‘head-up display’ (HUD) technology. Users that are used to giving orders to their smartphone will soon be able to instruct their computer in the same way, by means of voice recognition and the presence of HUD. Avoiding the time consuming process of typing in instructions, this device will give better scope for efficiency and ease of use.

Easy Commuting

With Ubuntu for Android, mobile users with clamshell devices can enjoy all the functions of a laptop without the cumbersome device: imagine being on a train without knocking elbows with fellow typists. Of course, many prefer a larger screen display, but the advantage of being able to take your desktop with you and dock it at your destination increases the desirability of the system. When it comes to taking fewer things to work, Ubuntu for Android will soon enable users to link their smartphones to projectors: projectors with built-in phone docks will mean carrying far less to presentations, for example.

Oh, and did I mention Ubuntu is free?

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