Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a top concern for most small and medium sized businesses. There are best practices that can be followed to ensure your security is as effective as possible.

A 2017 Annual Threat Report published by Sonicwall earlier this year highlighted a decline in point-of-sale (POS) malware (credit card fraud) and an increase in ransomware attacks.


The decline in POS malware attacks is in large part due to improved countermeasures. The US which had in the past been slow to pick up on the adoption of chip and pin technology has taken steps to change this, making it harder for criminals to access information this way. The traditional magnetic strip payment method is vulnerable to fraud. Chip transactions issue a unique verification code which can only be used once, making this kind of payment much more difficult for hackers to illegally obtain information from.


The increase in ransomware attacks has been observed by experts and widely reported throughout 2017, with many attacks reported globally. From WannaCry which infamously attacked the NHS back in May this year to NotPetya and Bad Rabbit. There have been numerous iterations of ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malware which infects the user’s system, effectively holding it hostage and requesting payment for release of the data.

Sonicwall’s Best practices for effective security measures (our top 5 picks):

  • Build a “human firewall”. Keep your employees aware and train them on how to deal with threats such as malicious emails and suspicious pop-ups
  • Keep all software, including browsers, operating systems and firmware, up‐to‐date with security patches.
  • Add content filtering to keep users from visiting dubious sites. This can be done by using a gateway anti-virus and intrusion prevention system to protect them from compromised “good” sites
  • Deploy a next‐generation firewall
  • Update your security settings to increase browser security levels.

To read the full list of best practices download the Sonicwall white paper using the link below.

Last year UK companies were 3x as likely as US companies to be targeted by ransomware. With the high volume of reported attacks this year alone it is important to take the right measures to protect your business.