office relocation

Whether you’re downsizing, moving somewhere bigger to accommodate an expanding team or simply want somewhere nicer for clients to visit, we have all the tips and advice to ensure your office move is a success.

Although a daunting prospect, office moves can actually boost business – providing they’re effectively organised.

Step 1: Choosing Your New Office

When selecting your new base it’s important to ensure the location is suitable for all employees. Choosing somewhere with good public transport links is crucial, so that it is easy for staff to commute to and clients to visit. Check your new workplace has plenty of space to accommodate all equipment and consult with department heads for a second opinion before choosing your new base.

Step 2: Plan in Advance

Office moves require a lot of preparation, so it’s important to start planning around two – three months before your move date. Both clients and suppliers should be notified of when and where you will be moving.

A couple of days before your office relocation, make sure clients are aware there may be a slight delay in responding to emails. Staff with access to work emails via mobile devices should really take advantage of this while waiting to have their desktops set up. Give our friendly IT support team a call if you’re unsure how to do this.

Have a checklist containing tasks which must be completed before, during and after the move. This may include things like making sure all the filing cabinets are cleared and ensuring desks and chairs are labelled. You should also have a set budget in mind and assign someone to get quotes from removal firms and insurance providers. Any cleaning, rubbish disposal and security costs must also be factored in.

If you’re sharing the office with another company, define a process for booking any meeting and training rooms.

Step 3: Make IT a Priority

Ensure all important data is backed up and you have a recovery plan in place. The cost of losing any important files and information during a move can be astronomical, so it’s advisable to monitor the process and have an expert assess your systems to ensure you have all the relevant procedures in place.

IT office relocations should be undertaken as quickly as possible, so have a good internet connection set up before equipment is moved across. You should also have a technician or expert on hand to ensure all desktops are installed correctly.

To make sure you’re there for your clients, set up your telecommunication system first. Make use of the cloud so employees who aren’t involved with the move can access documents from home. If possible, organise a skeleton operation for employees to take calls and complete urgent tasks whilst the move is underway.

Step 4: Communicate Effectively

When it comes to corporate relocations, communication is key. It’s crucial to ensure all colleagues are aware of the overall plan and any changes which may occur. Clear instructions should be given to advise where everyone’s desks will be situated. Having a floor plan will help with this. Ask employees to look after their personal belongings.

Involve your staff in each stage of the move. Getting used to a completely different environment can be a little unsettling for some, so try and keep everyone motivated and explain the positive aspects the new workplace will bring.

At Netstar, our experienced IT support team can help you with your office move, ensuring your systems are set up quickly and effectively so the relocation doesn’t disrupt your working routine. Providing fully managed IT Support, we offer some of the fastest response times in the industry and are here to lend a helping hand when you need it most. Get in touch today and make moving offices smooth and simple.