Unlocking the ‘mystery’ of phone call leads

June 1st, 2016 - Category - Cyber Security

If you’ve got a non-transactional business website and you try to track conversions or leads on it, it can get frustrating when a good proportion of the ‘conversions’ are spam, careers questions or general enquiries. This can really mess up your conversion numbers in Google Analytics and Adwords!

This basically leads to the figures in your analytics packages being completely inaccurate. The number can’t be trusted as it counts non-genuine conversions, and it misses phone leads completely!

What you end up having to do is recording all genuine leads in a spreadsheet, and work out the traffic source separately.

Unfortunately for phone leads, it’s not possible to know if they found you via Google, a paid ad, social media etc. (short of asking them).

Until now!

Infinity Tracking offers a solution to this problem. With their software, you’re able to see how people found your website, even when they’re calling by phone to discuss business!

This even goes as far as to show you keywords they used in Bing, or which Google Adwords campaigns/ad groups/keywords etc. they triggered!

Since using Infinity, I’ve been able to accurately know the true ROI of all marketing spend.

I’m no longer guessing about the effectiveness of Adwords campaigns, wondering if that campaign with 0 conversions has driven some of the phone leads.

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