Outlook Crashes on Apple’s New Operating System with No Known Fix

Apple recently released it’s new operating system, El Capitan, on 30th September 2015 – making it available for Mac users to download for free.

If you use Outlook on your Mac, don’t upgrade to El Capitan yet! Outlook crashes on Macs running the new operating system and there is no known fix, and no date for a possible fix. The problem affects Outlook 2011 and the new Outlook 2016.

El Capitan supports Macs from 2009 or newer, and some models from 2007 and 2008.

Outlook on El Capitan freezing, unresponsive and crashing

When running El Capitan, Outlook opens as normal, but the problems begin when it tries to sync with the mail server. You see a spinning wheel to indicate loading, and then Outlook completely freezes.

This is an incredibly frustrating situation for Mac users who have upgraded and need to use Outlook.

“No timelines for fix”

Faisal Jeelani, programme manager for Outlook for Mac, replied that Microsoft is aware of the problems with the 2011 and 2016 Outlook versions on El Capitan.
“We are working on a fix for 2011 and for 2016. We are working closely with Apple to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Unfortunately we do not have any timelines for either fix. Please stay tuned and thank you for your understanding,”

Some users have also run into problems attempting to restore from time machine backups in order to downgrade their Macs to OS X Yosemite. Once the restore process has finished, it seems users are having difficulty resetting Outlook to their previous settings.

Split view does not support Microsoft programs

Split view, a new feature in El Capitan, does not also work with any Microsoft programs like Word or Excel unless you have the newest 2016 versions.

Split view allows you to work in two different programs, side by side, on the same screen.

If you try to view the 2013 or older versions in split view, you’ll just get the message “not available in full screen”.