To ensure you deliver your services as effectively as possible, it makes sense to take a look at the latest technologies available and get advice from the experts to see what would best suit your company.

Making sure you have the right network to accommodate cloud computing and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies is essential. Networks must be reliable for staff to assess business applications via the cloud, and it’s important to think about additional demand that might be created if employees are using their own devices to complete work through your network.

Choosing your network infrastructure should be a top priority. BYOD policies are becoming increasingly popular as they’re a cost effective way of increasing productivity in the workplace. Employees can make the most of new technologies and choose to use a device which helps them complete tasks quickly and easily. They also increase flexibility as employees can work remotely and can be attractive to job seekers, giving you an advantage over competitors.

Data security is a huge concern of many business owners when it comes to implementing a BYOD policy. Finding the ideal method which allows employees to access all relevant data whilst keeping important files and information safe and secure can be a challenge. NAC (Network Access Control) can be used with each device to regulate who can connect to your network. This means you can limit access so employees can only see the necessary data for them to complete the task at hand. Those who incorporate any form of BYOD policy must include a secure wireless network infrastructure with a good amount of coverage and the ability to support a variety of devices.

When creating a policy agreement, you could also set out a number of device security requirements.  SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates (technology for establishing an encrypted link between your server and your clients) can also be used to authenticate devices. At Netstar, we strongly recommend that all our clients use this and so, for further information, we suggest enquiring with your IT provider.

As well as networking issues, you should also consider the apps and devices you would like your employees to use. Training may be required to ensure staff members are using applications effectively.

Cloud computing strategies also need an intelligent networking system. Your network plays a significant part in how cloud based working is performed. With the right network you can securely manage your cloud. A CIN (Cloud Intelligent Network) is one of the best solutions for securing the cloud. The technology also optimises user experience, increasing productivity and improving the quality of work.

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