Windows is, of course, the most popular software for PCs and the system which most companies will immediately go for, but why not look at the alternatives to find an option which really suits your business?

Those who want high speed, good graphics and a customisable system should certainly not dismiss the idea of using Ubuntu. As one of the most popular free operating systems, Ubuntu is easy to use and offers reliable support. Learning how to use the OS can be easily completed online using their regularly updated website. Ubuntu is also much more secure and stable compared to Windows, which is often targeted by computer viruses. To save you time and offer peace of mind, the system also has a built-in firewall that starts running as soon as you turn on your computer.

Updated regularly, the Linux software automatically upgrades itself, so you get all the latest features on your PC as soon as they’re available. As it’s open source, updates come out much more regularly than Windows and the latest technologies are used to offer a better user experience time after time. Other operating systems only include the basic programs and applications, but Ubuntu’s wide range of features are pre-installed, saving you even more time and money.

Having said that, before you start experiencing these benefits there are some sacrifices which need to be made. Those who use their PC for fun as well as business may not find Ubuntu suitable as it doesn’t support any modern games. It also doesn’t play MP3 files unless you download an additional application, and although there are many free ones available, the quantity and variation is not as generous as Windows. However, there are more advantages than disadvantages and for many companies the positives (i.e. saving considerable amounts of money) will outweigh the negatives.

Just like Marmite, Windows 8 has gained a “love it or hate it” persona and if your opinion is the later it’s a good idea to give other systems a try. Similar to Windows 8, Ubuntu’s latest version is designed with Smartphones in mind, so working away from the office or on the go is easy.

Switching from Windows to Ubuntu is a smooth and easy process and the “EasyUbantu” tool installs everything for you so you don’t have to be an IT expert or have loads of time on your hands to set it up. Don’t feel ready to take the plunge and ditch Windows? Try it on your home computer first or see if one of your employees fancies giving it a go.

As well as Ubuntu, there is a wide selection of other Linux operating systems, many of which are available on certain Smartphones, laptops and other mobile devices.

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