If your computer frequently freezes, this is often caused by a virus. Even with the best anti-virus software, clicking on fake links from emails or social media networks can cause malware infections which slow your computer down and cause issues with freezing.

A slow or freezing computer can waste significant amounts of time – not ideal if you want to keep your company as efficient as possible.  If your PC is completely virus free, the problem may be caused by certain types of hardware and software. If you’ve just updated your Windows or installed some memory, it’s important to allow your system time to adjust. On the other hand, avoiding installing your updates will also make your computer prone to freezing.

The following steps should stop your PC from freezing:

Virus Scan: As the biggest culprit of slowing your computer down and causing freezing and crashing, you should regularly run a virus scan to boost your PC.

Computer Clean Up: You can clean up your system by downloading a registry cleaner. You should also keep your desktop or laptop free from dust by opening it up and cleaning inside on a monthly or quarterly basis. When doing this, be sure to look out for any issues with the heat sync. Instead of a vacuum, use an air duster to avoid damaging your computer and remove the fan to clean it by hand.

Uninstall Unnecessary Programs: This may seem like a tedious and  task, but many programs run and use the internet without your knowledge, taking up valuable memory space which causes your PC to freeze.

Defrag Your Computer: Fragmentation may also be causing your computer to freeze. This is when segments of a particular file are scattered around your hard drive, meaning your PC will have to hunt for all the components when you try and access it. Try running a disk defrag.

Find an Alternative to Windows: If all else fails you could opt for an alternative operating system like Linux. Although the most popular and widely used, Windows often poses problems when it comes to running your PC efficiently. If the thought of getting used to a completely different system is just too much, make sure you always have the latest version of Windows installed. Check the suggested operating system specifications for your machine as you may have the wrong one installed.

Upgrade Your Computer: Buying new computers for your entire company may sound like a costly option, but as technology evolves businesses across the globe are experiencing the benefits of mobile devices which can better the way you work. Every business is different, so we never advise a “one size fits all” approach, but using the right systems will certainly make life easier. Our team can suggest the best software and hardware on the market for your industry, helping you succeed in no time.

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