You’ve heard about phishing, well here’s a very high profile case of how it can prove to be seriously damaging.

You may not be David Beckham, but if you or your company have a reputation that you don’t want dragged through the dirt, then you need to pay attention to this!

It’s understood that Beckham’s PR agency, who presumably handles some of his email communication, fell victim to a phishing attack. For this to occur, all that needs to happen is someone in the company clicks on a link or attachment in an email sent from a hacker. These emails look like legitimate communications that we routinely receive such as invoices, shipping confirmations, social media notifications and news articles. Once you click, you download malware which then sits in the background monitoring your moves and feeding the information back to the hacker – information like email login credentials.

A Hammer Blow to Your Reputation

As a result of the Beckham email hack, his motives for his extensive charity work have been called into question – and his “good guy” image has been severely tarnished. 4 letter email rants regarding his missing out on a knighthood have been exposed, including some embarrassing insults made in the direction of the honours committee and other celebrities who were given awards.

Even if there’s nothing to be embarrassed about in your email communications, can you say them same about all of your employees?

It’s not just your reputation at risk

What else could someone do with information that you access via your PC at work? Is information handled by your company sensitive and potentially dangerous in the wrong hands? Has anyone in your business ever sent customer information, HR documents or financial information over email?

If so, it’s vitally important that everyone in your business is trained on the fundamentals of cyber security, with particular emphasis on strong passwords and email security.