VoIP (Voiceover Internet Protocol) is widely used by many types of businesses across the globe. Often referred to as internet telephony, the technology makes phone calls more affordable (often completely free) and flexible as you can communicate practically anywhere.

VoIP allows workers to make calls from anywhere with access to the internet, enabling you to communicate with clients easily in the office, at home, on the train or out and about. When used with a computer or phone, the service is completely free, however if you want to completely replace your PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) service, there are charges involved. This is still a popular choice as it enables companies to make international calls at a much lower cost.

How Do I Install VoIP?

It’s advisable to enlist the help of an expert when installing VoIP across your business, to ensure it is set up correctly without disrupting your work. However, installation can be completed quite easily in your home office by simply using a broadband phone adaptor from the service provider, a router, phone, Ethernet cable and AC power adaptor.

Simply turn off all devices and connect the Ethernet cable with VoIP adapter and router, then insert the telephone cable into to VoIP adapter and attach the other end to your telephone. Finally, connect the AC power adapter to the VoIP device and turn on your internet connection. Once your internet is up and running, turn on the adapter and begin making free calls.

VoIP Features

As the use of mobile broadband continues to rise, VoIP features are slowly expanding and there are a wide range of extras you can include within your package depending on your business needs and requirements.

Contact important clients or family members quickly and easily using VoIP speed dialling or use the ‘do not disturb’ feature when you’re in the middle of something important. Frequent travellers can take full advantage of the technology’s excellent portability and stay in touch with colleagues, clients, friends and family anywhere in the world without having to fork out hundreds in international call rates.

Ensure you never miss a call with ‘multi-ring’ features where you can set up several phones to ring when you have an incoming call, allowing you to keep in touch with important people whether you’re at home, at the office or on your mobile. Keeping up-to-date with your voicemail is much easier as you can listen to messages from any phone, over the internet or even receive voice messages via email.

Benefits of VoIP

VoIP calls are simply the transformation from the standard analogue telephone format to digital data which is transmitted via the internet.

Designed with businesses in mind, as well as saving you a great deal of money, VoIP systems are practical and easy to use. Add more phones to the system as your business grows and make calls from any almost any location.

As specialists in IT support, we offer a wide range of telecommunication services, including VoIP, traditional phone systems, voicemail and call recording. Our VoIP service includes set up of all the necessary equipment and connections as well as ongoing maintenance and management.

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