cloud and laptop

As cloud computing continues to grow and is now widely used by businesses across the globe, it seems the technology is certainly here to stay.

Before the cloud, traditional software systems and applications were often complicated to use and extremely costly. Choosing the ideal model to suit the size and style of your business was extremely daunting, not to mention the expertise needed to install, configure, test, update and keep them secure. Even companies with their own in-house IT departments struggled to find the right applications they needed.

Cloud computing can completely eliminate these worries, as your provider will take care of all the on-going maintenance. You’re also only paying for exactly what you need. This is  unlike with other offline software systems where you receive a variety of applications, some of which are never used.

With the cloud you can easily up or downscale and customise the apps to suit your business. As it is internet based, working from home, on the tube or anywhere in the world is easier than ever. And as the networking system develops, working with mobile devices will become more and more common.

Completely revolutionising the way businesses use technology to provide their services, the cloud eliminates many constraints found within traditional offices. This includes space, time and cost.

Cloud beginners

You really need to try the networking system yourself to see all the benefits. But, surveys have found the technology is now commonplace for hundreds of businesses. Nobody likes to change the way they work, that’s why it’s best to get advice and help from the experts before adopting cloud based working.

As well as taking responsibility for all IT assets and maintenance, our team can help you make the most of the cloud, ensuring your working life much easier.

There’s no doubt the cloud offers considerable reductions in operational expenses. Automation is also a major advantage as businesses no longer need to focus on system back-ups and updates. Installation is fast and easy and takes place remotely so your office is not disrupted.

These days no company needs to adopt a complex networking system which is difficult to use. Cloud computing is easy to install and work with, and helps companies become more mobile and flexible.

The cloud package

Here at Netstar, we’re all for keeping your data and applications as secure as possible. This is why our clouds are hosted on secure servers which you can easily access anywhere via the internet.

Our package also includes full IT services, support and maintenance. This means whether you need a helping hand onsite or some remote assistance to help with any queries, our team are here for you 24/7.

Contact us today to see how moving to the cloud could help your business.