Printing from a smartphone or tablet is something that many people would probably find useful, but not a lot of people actually know how to do.
Having a smartphone in your pocket can help you go without a printer in many instances. For example, many travel agents are letting you show an email on your device instead of printing it out – but there are still many times when we need a printer, but logging onto a PC is just too much hassle.

Say you want to print a photo, isn’t it easier to use the device you used to take the photo to edit it, and then print from that same device without having to first send the file to yourself, or import it using a lead. This kind of thing interrupts the seamless process and acts as a barrier. The result is we don’t print as much.
The answer is wireless printing, and one way to do it is to use Google Cloud Print. This allows you to print from Android phones and tablets, and Chromebooks without using any leads.

You’ll need a Google Cloud Print enabled printer, or you’ll need to connect the printer to a computer and activate Cloud Print support in Google Chrome. Once you’ve installed the official Google Cloud Print App on the device, you’ll be able to print to this printer wirelessly by tapping the share button whilst viewing any photo, document or web page.

This even enables you to print documents when you’re out and about –as long as both you and the printer have an internet connection – it doesn’t matter where you are.
Apple devices can print wirelessly too, using AirPrint. You’ll need an AirPrint compatible printer – but these are fairly common. When you print, your iDevice will scan the wireless network it is connected to for available printers – and if one is found, you can print out your document, page or photo.
Many printer manufacturers also make apps available to facilitate wireless printing to their wireless devices. Just search your app/play store for your printer manufacturer’s name.