HP is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their first inkjet printer by breaking a Guinness World Record. The new HP Officejet Pro X is officially the world’s fastest desktop printer, and makes a welcome addition to any business which wants to enhance their productivity and IT capabilities.

Breaking the record

Guinness tested the machine by seeing how long it took to print off 500 sheets. The official time came in at 7 minutes, 19.25 seconds, which works out at 70ppm (Pages Per Minute). HP has come a long way since the original HP Deskjet printer was released (which could only manage 2ppm) in 1988, and the technology giant shipped almost 600 million inkjet printers in the process.

How it works

The Officejet Pro X series has debuted a new HP technology called ‘Page Wide’. Traditionally, the printheads in inkjet printers travel across the paper as they disperse the ink. In ‘Page Wide’ units the printhead is completely stationary and much larger, so it can hold the 40,000 nozzles that put the ink on the paper as each page passes through. This system is more akin to the mechanics which allow quicker copying in laser printers than inkjets, but HP claim the new range is capable of producing documents twice as quickly as its nearest laser rival.

The static printhead technology is the innovation which allows the Officejet Pro X series to work so quickly, but the rest of the machine has been designed to compliment this feature, for example, the main paper tray can hold up to 500 sheets which minimises interruptions to printing, and a particularly durable ink is used.

Perfect for small businesses

Small businesses often don’t have a lot of time to waste worrying about what IT equipment suits their specific needs. This printer, however, was designed with small businesses in mind, by scaling down commercial printing technology. The initial investment will be around £300-400 pounds for the single-function (printer only) model, and slightly more for the copier and scanner models, but the real benefit is the money that will subsequently be saved on restocking printing materials. The reduced printerhead movement saves around 50% of the energy consumed by regular inkjets and its ink cartridges produce up 50% less waste than any comparable laser printer. In addition, this two-sided printing is an automatic function which again creates less waste.

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